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GSA: Boiler Plant for Altmeyer BLDG SSA Woodlawn Complex. ( Abatement of asbestos contaminated plaster ceilings. Removal of asbestos fire protection on pipe insulation. Also installed a new fire protection system).
Contact: Mike Vrobel 202-708-7853
Contract amount $1,542,267.00

GSA: Term Contract NCR hazmat removal. ( Provide all necessary labor and equipment + supervision to perform Hazmat removal throughout the entire National Capitol Region.
Contact: Ed Shomock. 443-463-0499
Contract amount $4,081,716.00

GSA: Term Contract Asbestos renovation and removal. (Contract for the removal of asbestos at SSA HQ complex, and locations throughout Baltimore)
Contact: Dawn Eckart 410-966-9699
Contract amount $697,427.00

GSA: Mechanical Upgrade at Judiciary Square Bldg. Replacement of fan coil units and a cooling tower within the Penthouse. We loaded mechanical equipment via crane.
Contact: Contact Robert Williams 202-260-3672
Contract amount $1,465,149.00

GSA: FTC air handling units. (Design-build project to replace 8 air handling units in the Penthouse mechanical area. We also performed extensive asbestos removal befor the units were installed.
Contact: Claude Van Gurp 202-708-6139
Contract amount $2,050,000.00