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Distributed Antenna Systems

Hyatt Hotel: We installed all back bone fiber and coax for 14 antenna locations to extend Cellular coverage to the garage area of the Hyatt Hotel. We Tied all antenna and splitters into the head end units on the 1st floor.  In all we installed 14 antenna, and 8 splitters.

Ronald Reagan Building: We installed backbone cable to support over 250 wireless access points.  We assisted in the placement of over 85 of the WAPs.  Additionally we supported running cables to build up the cellular signal throughout multiple floors of the Ronald Reagan Bldg.  We assisted in the completion of the sweep testing, and final commissioning of the cellular system.

Novavax Pharmaceuticals: We are designing and installing a complete Head End system to link 3 of their buildings together.  We are installing a system to carry the AT&T signal throughout all 3 buildings.  We are designing the Head End system in 1 building and then linking the other two through fiber.  We are installing all antenna and splitters to allow them to have complete coverage across all of their buildings.