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Novavax Pharmacuticals: We converted their existing conference room into a complete video teleconferencing room complete with multiple video screens + audio and phone call out capabilities.  Programmed their AMX panel to control all audio + video equipment.

Ft Mead: Provost Office: Completely reconfigured their Ready Room VTC and tied the main ready into a sub Ready room in the commanders personal chambers.   We designed a system that allowed multiple input sources to be displayed across several different screens, or be able to display a single input on all screens.  We installed 2 projection units, and 5 50” flat screens.

District Of Columbia Library System (DCPL): Designed a signage system to allow DCPL to have a singular look across all of their branches.  We were able to capture major events, and high light special speakers.  Additionally, we were able to provide access to the administrators to allow them to update content remotely.  They will have the ability to stream live video and audio across their network, allowing branches to be linked together.